Industries: Defense Platforms

P&L Machine is dedicated to developing highly efficient, lean manufacturing processes that ensure optimal performance of every part we produce. Leveraging more than 3 decades of experience, we’re able to deliver turnkey solutions that meet and / or exceed the expectations of our customers and ultimately benefit the men and women in the field, that depend on these products, when it counts.

Integrating lean manufacturing practices with an extensive understanding of the defense market’s unique needs and specifications, we are able to identify and capitalize on opportunities to improve the manufacturing process.

Our approach minimizes operational steps, reduces waste, and expedites time to completion, all while ensuring the component’s reliability, precision, and performance are maintained.

Key Attributes

  • Turnkey Supply Chain Management: Established / Qualified Base of
    NADCAP Certified, Anodizing, Coating, Heat-Treating, and Plating Providers

  • Complex CNC Machining: Milling, Turning, and Mechanical Assembly

  • NADCAP Certified Non-Destructive Testing: (Multiple Disciplines)

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